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i love chaos

graphics journal

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01: Who is mysoulcries?
02: How long have you been making graphics?
Years and years, i really started posting graphics online when i was part of the DA (dumbledores army - harry potter forum) a few years back. Then i joined livejournal and discovered lots of amazing artists out there and decided to join in the fun. I have a degree in Graphic Design, which i completed about 2 years ago at huddersfield uni (uk).
03: What do you make?
Icons, headers, wallpapers, um...think thats it. Mostly icons tho.
04: Interests/fandoms?
Hobbies: Watching movies, going out with my friends, reading.
Favorite Fandoms: (movies, books, etc) Harry Potter, Twilight, Pirates of the Caribbean, LOST, Disney.

05: 5 random facts...
- I love photography and vintage things, trinkets and baubles (im a hoarder!!).
- I love travelling (but dont get to do it much) Ive been to various places in Europe, paris, italy, switzerland etc. I've also been to New York, USA.
- I get easily addicted to things, and when i find something NEW i find out EVERTHING about it.
- I like writing stories/fics, my new writing addiction is Blaise/Pansy, but i also like to create my own. (i love smutty fics too!) hehe.
- If i won the lottery i would...Go to america, lose weight/have boob job...set up my own business and build a gorgeous house. oh and buy lots of shoes. haha, if only.
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01: Who is piratewars?
02: How long have you been making graphics?
A couple years. I first got started when I was making Denver Broncos stuff for a message board. I came to LJ and started making icons cause this is the best place to show off your graphics.
03: What do you make?
Icons mostly. Occasionally I'll make a wallpaper or header, but that rarely happens
04: Interests/fandoms?
Hobbies: Watching mvoies, watching sports, reading.
Favorite Fandoms: (movies, books, etc): Star Wars, Pirates of the Caribbean, Prison Break, Twilight, The Office, Glee, Legend of the Seeker, Harry Potter, Disney.

05: 5 random facts...
- I am obsessed with socks. And specifically one brand, Nononsense (THANK YOU Wal-Mart).
- Rain is my favorite type of weather. I go outside and just stand in it/watch the lightning whenever it rains
- I am addicted to Mountian Dew
- I procrastinate. Big time.
- I could live off Kraft Mac&Cheese
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Profile codes & images by coloriages